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Topic subjectRE: Erykah Badu NEW AMERYKAH pt. 1 the BREAKDOWN!
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167115, RE: Erykah Badu NEW AMERYKAH pt. 1 the BREAKDOWN!
Posted by Candace L., Thu Feb-21-08 02:57 PM
Just trying to keep it short. All the artwork, Erykah's and the gallery's, was amazing. On CoSM's work, it's like a more sanitary, but cosmic version of the Bodies exhibit at the Seaport. All these paintings of man from skeletal form slowly adding tendons, flesh, babies in the womb, some crazy stuff. If anybody ever visits, there's a really sick one in the corner of the back room with a woman covered with eyes all over her body (I guess a Mother Earth representation?) and on her left is a virginal White woman breastfeeding and on the right is a freaky voodoo Black mama getting it on with some dude nearly in paralysis. Yeah, listen to "The Healer" in that room. As for Erykah's stuff, Emek must be one exhaustingly creative dude, more of what you've already seen with scribbles and notes all over the different lyric pages. Can't wait for next week.