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Topic subjectRE: ?uestlove MySpace Blog 104: The History Behind The Circus (swipe)
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154664, RE: ?uestlove MySpace Blog 104: The History Behind The Circus (swipe)
Posted by boyd, Tue Aug-07-07 01:49 AM

personally when i first heard the album, i feel in love with it, because it is different than what was out at the time. everyone else was going with what the publication saying, but i was going with the vibration i was feeling when i first heard it. i was always told 'question everything'

i think EC is far more a classic than Be will ever be for the basic fact of the sounds (the rhythm) that was coming through that album, and there has not been a hip hop album of sort up to that point (well, still...) in my humble opinion

i think before ? gets old and insane. he should write book...