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Topic subjectThe KB album. Afu, Dimamond D, Grandmaster Caz and others
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5267, The KB album. Afu, Dimamond D, Grandmaster Caz and others
Posted by DJ Staffro, Thu May-18-06 06:36 AM
I´m happy to announce this album is finished and dropping later this month. We have an album release party here in Helsinki featuring Camp Lo.

This project is a dream come true for an european producer like me.

Kollabo Brothers: For My Peoples 2LP & CD
Kollabo Brothers aka DJ Kool Ski & Staffro.
Release date: 24.5.2006.

The Limited edition 12" single(Diamond D & Grandmaster Caz + remixes)

The Japan version with all the remixes and a different tracklist will be released by Handcuts Records n Japan. www.handcuts.com

01. Intro ft. Craig G
02. No Equal ft. Craig G
03. For My Peoples ft. Donald D
04. Way Back ft. Tim Dog
05. Watch The Game ft. The Gambit
06. Lovin" This Shit ft. Afu-Ra
07. My Flows To Blow ft. Diamond D
08. Hip Hop Blues ft. Grandmaster Caz
09. Two Kool Brothers
10. I Got Soul ft. Zion
11. Words I Wrote ft. Paris
12. Glad To Be Me ft. B.I.
13. My Melody ft. B.O.Dubb
14. Im a Real Emcee ft. Donald D
15. Outro

thank´s for checking this out...
DJ Staffro
all the info...