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Topic subjectPatrice Rushen's Remind Me
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5206, Patrice Rushen's Remind Me
Posted by Majik43, Thu May-18-06 12:01 AM
SV used it for 5 Ela (oof the first Fantastic). anyways thought i'd bring the topic up cuz it was months before it i clocked on to why that beat sounded so familiar to me upon first hearing it.

5255, i read somewhere Dilla sampled Junior Mafia's sample? lol
Posted by araQual, Thu May-18-06 03:37 AM
Junior Mafia sampled it on "need you tonight" (f/Aaliyah) and i think ?uest or someone posted that Dilla sampled their sampling of Patrice Rushen...? iono tho. someone else can clarify if i'm mistaken.

5352, and by the way...
Posted by The3rdOne, Thu May-18-06 01:13 PM
he flipped that shit something ferocious on that fantastic vol 1.