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Topic subjectI have so many samples ready for flipping
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5124, I have so many samples ready for flipping
Posted by Up In Smoke, Wed May-17-06 08:32 PM
that it is overwelming, literally 100's of beats wanting to be made that I can't focus on anything, I've never had this probelm before, I used to kill for any nice loops/breaks, now I got wayy to much
5130, RE: I have so many samples ready for flipping
Posted by LANSTARR, Wed May-17-06 08:39 PM
I have that problem, but with one shot samples. I feel like I wanna use em all... AT ONE TIME!! hahah

Don't have that prob with samples tho cuz as soon as I hear something dope in a record, I make the beat... done deal.
5135, use other music you like as "inspiration"
Posted by Allah, Wed May-17-06 08:43 PM
take a loop of a beat or piece of music you like, load it into
your sequencer, then start layering drum hits from your sample
library over the drum beat in the inspiration loop. Get
a sampler and make a midi track to trigger the sampler or synth
to play a melody similar to the melody or bass line in your inspiration
loop. Then remove the inspiration loop or filter it out, and
start messing around with you have arrange already, chop, re arrange,
rediscover other music elements you want to lay in, etc. Peace.
5137, I do this, but I think you're misunderstanding me
Posted by Up In Smoke, Wed May-17-06 08:47 PM
I don't need more inspiration, I have to much all ready haha
5142, you might have to go on a music fast then, then come back to it....
Posted by Allah, Wed May-17-06 08:53 PM
5199, I DEFINITELY can identify with this...
Posted by Small Pro, Wed May-17-06 11:32 PM
...man, I get some much music coming in that it's literally too much to absorb...this the extreme opposite of my past problems with not being able to find any dope music to dissect.

I hear the 'take a break' tip, but it's all I have right now...currently jobless, and man, its crazy that I made more joints working 40 hour weeks then I do spending all my time on FL6. Word up.
5226, RE: I have so many samples ready for flipping
Posted by trane_soulfanatix, Thu May-18-06 01:10 AM
I'm not sure that you really got a problem here, but i think it's a matter of focus.
When i find myself in that situation i try to make some beats instead of searchin for samples. Cuz when you get to much samples it's hard to know where to begin and it's hard to focus on the individual beats.
5380, i think i can agree with this
Posted by apex, Thu May-18-06 02:26 PM
for me, i have weekly (sometimes biweekly) sample searching sessions, but i never sample more than 25-30 samples at a time...

out of that 25-30, about 10-15 beats can be made in total... a lot the samples are auxillary samples that can be used to layer or as a part of intros/interludes/transitions, etc...

when i have that session, i don't think about sampling anything new until i am done with that batch... its about staying focused and creating managable workloads. i have a schedule that i am VERY strict about because of the amount of stuff i am trying to get done.

i am working 8 projects this year, with a total of about 80-90 beats needed in total, which mean 130-150 beats actually made to choose from. If you create a yearly schedule, then a monthly, then a weekly... it is VERY possible to get a shitload done and still have time to smoke a tree with wifey on the weekends...

however, each year I take 2-3 extended hiatuses from making beats... at least 2 weeks off, sometimes 3 or 4... after 2-3 months of getting 3-5 hrs of sleep on average, your creativity and motivation are shot... that's usually when i do most of my travelling/business work etc....