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Topic subjectEmceez/vocalists dem, I'm lettin this beat go...
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49581, Emceez/vocalists dem, I'm lettin this beat go...
Posted by NoDrawls McGraw, Tue Jun-13-17 09:36 AM
Peace yall,...
Its been a minute. Raisin funds for
a new laptop so I can wrap up my next album. Accordingly, I'm lettin this beat go for about $300.

^^^If any Katz dig it, holla at me. Might be lettin a few more go too.


49603, Dig it,...new offers from the same project.
Posted by NoDrawls McGraw, Thu Apr-12-18 10:24 PM
Yo, the initial beat posted, Windz of Change is still available for purchase/license. However, I'm doubling-down the offer:

As of now, Any instro from this beattape: https://chriswind.bandcamp.com/album/da-hi-def-scrollz-beatcast-vol-2

which includes Windz of Change can be individually purchased for $300. I gotta make room for a new batch of beats so I'd hate to see these go to waste as I don't feel like writing to them.

Accordingly, if an emcee/vocalist is feeling any one of the instros on this beattape, get at me and I'll configure the track for an individual download and subsequently remove it from the beattape once a purchase has been agreed upon. Enjoy and get at me.

New joints comin, by the way.


49611, Anotha available joint for sale....
Posted by NoDrawls McGraw, Thu May-10-18 06:47 PM

Peace, this is anotha jawn I'm sellin.
This one is goin for $600.