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Posted by TheTwitterMixtape, Wed Mar-30-16 08:26 PM
Okayplayer Fam,

What's good beloved? My name is Penn, I'm the creator of a platform for independent musicians called #TheTwitterMixtape. The idea stems from seeing a ton of diverse, talented independent musicians Twitter who make great music, but simply don't have the platform to get other people to hear it. Don't spam people with your music, give it to us. Deadline is May 9th, 2016.

Briefly, my team (@TheMixCrew) and I request that any interested independent musician submit to us their best songs, of any genre. We choose the best submissions, master the project, sequence it, promote it and release it for free. Each artist is labeled by their Twitter names, to so that fans of the songs can locate them. We take instrumentals, rap, R&B, poetry set to a track, visual art (we're looking for an album cover), etc. We just asks that whatever you submit, is dope. PLUS... The tape is a collaboration with Artistic Manifesto. Each artist that makes the project will be profiled on the website. The tape itself will be reviewed by RESPECTMAG and other blogs.

We're working on our 3rd project called, '#TheTwitterMixtape: A Spring Experiment' The previous two ('Summer' + 'Winter') can be downloaded and streamed for $free.99 at TheMixCrew.com.

Deadlines for submissions are May 9th, 2016. You have some time. If you're looking for some exposure for your art, hit us! We're on Twitter too, @TheMixCrew.

TheMixCrew.com for any and all details. Bless up.