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Topic subjectdid i do a dilla beat justice?
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4783, did i do a dilla beat justice?
Posted by eso_medina, Tue Apr-25-06 10:18 PM
Found an instrumental called "Scalin" and put these two verses to it, in one take.

Is it any good? Is it wack? What say you?

emesbe - scaling war (produced by j-dilla)

I want to feel the blues keep it real in these shoes
And step a step that reveals the truth
Because I'm a truth seeker you're a voodoo peeker
I'm a "who the hell do you think you are" kind of speaker
When I leak a little bit of ink from pen to paper
I'm a sixteen bar verse eight bar chorus raper
This is full length boot cut rap ain't no taper
And my soul will not fall victim to any skeptic's eraser
I'm straight no chaser so take your limp wrist and skidaddle
While I pimp this with a hint of Bad Ass though
I'm a rida with a flo like a gator
The innovator you imitate uh to make a killing of scratch
My skilling has no match You're a puss ass rapper with a willing snatch
So go ahead keep it real in your raps We all know the real issue
It's common knowledge there's some bitch in you
Death's going to kiss you when I'm finished with you

These are the killing fields
A tomb of unknown emcees lies beneath where my feet stomp
There's no competition that can defeat me in a romp of dissing
My speech is strong enough to lift any diction
My reach is long enough to hit from any distance
It's peace you want once I shift my disposition
From ill to iller I kill because I'm a killer
Keep it real I keep it realer I'm never run of the miller
I feel a urge coming on I must satisfy
Temptation is a mother when to suppress them you try but fail
These are the ails that surface after my tour of service and
I'm trying to redefine my purpose
You don't want it with Me-D-I-Na uh uh Son you're reaching too far
You'll need a few years of college
Before you thinking of jumping stepping to this knowledge
A Camp David cottage summit just to stop these bombings

Rest In Peace Jay Dee...