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Posted by ChanEpic, Thu Jun-12-08 09:46 AM

> I would suggest that you buy the RED ASR-X Pro vice the
>black one because the black one does have some sequencer
>issues. It slips time when you start to mute tracks on the
>fly. You have to catch it on the beat when you mute or you
>will throw that bitch off. The red one supposedly fixed that
>problem plus it has an updateable Flash OS so you can get the
>latest OS from the web or some bootleg OS and update it by
>floppy. Also the red timestretches, the black doesn't although
>you can do it the old fashion way (change speed and tune up).
> Anyway for what they run for on ebay now.. youget more than
>your money's worth. hope this helps.

I am here to confirm that the time slip problem was not fixed in the red one but, that is so minor compared to what DOES work on the ASR-x. It is a great piece of gear no doubt about it. I miss mine badly.