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Topic subjectThat jawn is a Beast!!!!!
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37272, That jawn is a Beast!!!!!
Posted by WindConga, Wed Jun-04-08 07:15 PM
...Off the realest,
samples are clear/crisp as fuck, drums sound real 'warm' on it.
That jawn truly is a serious workhorse when you develop a strong command of it and the filters/effects are solid+.

My ONLY gripe with it was, as someone said, the sequencing and the floppy load-times. But sheeiitt...in terms of the sequencing, I just streamlined that whole process by recording the sequence into Cool Edit.

*sheds tear for fallen ASR-X-Pro(my OS crashed a couple months ago) but please believe, if I stumble accross another one, I WILL recop.

Gon'head and cop that jawn Homey!