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Posted by Sandbox194, Wed Jun-04-08 09:54 AM




It is the ASR-10 with pads as opposed to keys. Cop if you have no hardware.

People will say this and that about the sequencer and its tightness.

Its all about the painter and the paintbrush.

I own an EPS 16+, the precursor to the ASR-10. people associated with these units include:


"The only competitor to Akai's MPC-series, the ASR-X has superior filters (low, high and bandpass with resonant modes), dead-easy and quick resampling with effects and filters (of sequenced or played parts even) and totally kick-ass effects as standard, 2MB more max RAM (no big deal).

It's 24MB soundblocks (Dance, World) are said to be KICK-ASS.

Not nice: standard 2-line display (which IS extremely readable however), lack of extensive sequence editing (use a PC or Mac), slow diskdrive. OS version 2.0 (which I have) has a few problems: slow and sometimes unreliable SCSI (using an IOmega Zip), no timestretching, no pattern chaining, no sample-dump via MIDI. BUT...I've been told that these are exactly the problems solved by version 2.5!!

Apart from the SCSI-problems, I like this box. The resampling is way cool, the filters are phat, the effects are phatter even...check the OS version before buying: 2.0 is a no no...mu"