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Topic subjectRE: ive got the padkontrol..its cool
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25586, RE: ive got the padkontrol..its cool
Posted by blackfists, Sun Apr-15-07 12:18 PM
Questions about the Korg.. in comparison with the MPC

The MPC & it has the capability to slave the other instruments (when you press record on the MPC.. it slaves the digital recorder to Record.. or when you are recording keys to a sequence & hit record on the MPC & you press a key on the Keyboard, it starts recording.. More or less this is the BRAIN for the setup.

Can the Korg do that?

Can the Korg pitch samples?

what other capabilities can the Korg do that the MPC can

What are some of the capabilities that the Korg cannot do.. that the MPC does?

Can the Korg import a sample from your DAW use it in a sequence & re-record it back to the program you are working in?

Korg box being a controller, has no internal memory correct?