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Topic subjectThe MPD24 is HOTNESS/the Axiom is DOPE
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22985, The MPD24 is HOTNESS/the Axiom is DOPE
Posted by don anom, Wed Feb-21-07 01:00 AM
MPD24: you can program the faders to control the faders in pro tools/reason/cubase/live, and the six knobs come in handy as well for hands on control. you get a full LCD readout telling you what program you're currently using and what your BPM is amongst other handy heads-up messages. for the same price as the padkontrol and the trigger finger, this is the way to go hands down. besides, the unit is all metal and the pads are right off an MPC. Great unit.

The Axiom series: again, programmable everything (including aftertouch)! The enigma editor allows everything to be programmed per your liking, the faders working in pro tools is such a time saver, and you can have 20 presets saved in the keyboard at a time. on the 49 and 61 key models you can jump through these with the snapshot keys, for easy access and back and forth between your given presets. you can then store an unlimited amount of presets on your computer for uploading to the Axiom at anytime, giving you ease of use in workflow in production. the pads aren't a gimmick either; they feel really good, look pretty cool and in Reason are automatically mapped to the 8 channels of ReDrum no mattter what instrument you are using (unless otherwise programmed). Very helpful for playing live, or even getting an idea for a groove laid down easily.

Both units are powered off the USB connection and are quite versatile with their respective software editors. The MPD also comes with a pre-configured version of BFD that has a ton of old school drum machine sounds, while the Axiom of course comes bundled with Ableton Live Lite 5. If you're ballin on a budget, either of these are awesome purchases.