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Topic subjectAkai MPD24 vs Korg PadKontrol - which should I go for?
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22101, Akai MPD24 vs Korg PadKontrol - which should I go for?
Posted by theroot7243, Sun Feb-04-07 06:12 PM
I like both!
22113, RE: Akai MPD24 vs Korg PadKontrol - which should I go for?
Posted by signpost, Sun Feb-04-07 11:55 PM
Or, the M-Audio Trigger Finger?
22133, i wouldnt buy a trigger finger right now
Posted by haji rana pinya, Mon Feb-05-07 09:48 AM
i havent used either of the others enough to really be helpful but...

i would prolly go with the akai right now

im guessing that there is going to be a new trigger finger coming soon

22139, RE: i wouldnt buy a trigger finger right now
Posted by theroot7243, Mon Feb-05-07 11:23 AM
Yeah, the Trigger Finger has been around for a while - and doesn't have as many features as the other two. Anyway, although I like the lights and pad on the PadKontrol - I've gone for the Akai MPD24! Thanks for the input.
22288, SO how do you like the
Posted by sofuzzman, Thu Feb-08-07 06:35 AM
mpd 24?

wondering, because Im having a hard time choosing which one to get!
Peace & Love - P
22290, RE: SO how do you like the
Posted by sweetL, Thu Feb-08-07 07:48 AM
well im going for the korg... once i have it - ill let you know how i find it, we can compare notes :)

some... kinda?
22321, RE: SO how do you like the
Posted by theroot7243, Thu Feb-08-07 02:17 PM
I'm still waiting for the MPD24, my order should be in the store on Saturday...
22388, RE: SO how do you like the
Posted by sofuzzman, Fri Feb-09-07 11:07 AM
oh, Please let me know, what you think of yours when you get them.
Peace & Love -P
22935, 'lights and the pad' lol
Posted by Boy Wonder, Tue Feb-20-07 11:49 AM
what program are you using it with and how is it working out for you?

since he was last on the 5th....I guess its working out well lol
patiently waiting for the Pumpkins to come back...

24539, whats the difference....
Posted by MaxPtah, Wed Mar-21-07 05:50 PM
between the Korg, MPD24 and Trigger Finger? I'm using the trigger finger now, but I bought that when it first dropped and I hadn't liked anything since. But I have to admit the MPD24 does look nice, but I don't know too much about that and the Korg...someone help a aggin out here!!!!
22910, the Akai MPD24 seem real nice...
Posted by jomac, Tue Feb-20-07 03:11 AM
Or you could try the pads and keys on the M-Audio Axiom 25/49/61 key series as well.

22985, The MPD24 is HOTNESS/the Axiom is DOPE
Posted by don anom, Wed Feb-21-07 01:00 AM
MPD24: you can program the faders to control the faders in pro tools/reason/cubase/live, and the six knobs come in handy as well for hands on control. you get a full LCD readout telling you what program you're currently using and what your BPM is amongst other handy heads-up messages. for the same price as the padkontrol and the trigger finger, this is the way to go hands down. besides, the unit is all metal and the pads are right off an MPC. Great unit.

The Axiom series: again, programmable everything (including aftertouch)! The enigma editor allows everything to be programmed per your liking, the faders working in pro tools is such a time saver, and you can have 20 presets saved in the keyboard at a time. on the 49 and 61 key models you can jump through these with the snapshot keys, for easy access and back and forth between your given presets. you can then store an unlimited amount of presets on your computer for uploading to the Axiom at anytime, giving you ease of use in workflow in production. the pads aren't a gimmick either; they feel really good, look pretty cool and in Reason are automatically mapped to the 8 channels of ReDrum no mattter what instrument you are using (unless otherwise programmed). Very helpful for playing live, or even getting an idea for a groove laid down easily.

Both units are powered off the USB connection and are quite versatile with their respective software editors. The MPD also comes with a pre-configured version of BFD that has a ton of old school drum machine sounds, while the Axiom of course comes bundled with Ableton Live Lite 5. If you're ballin on a budget, either of these are awesome purchases.
23404, RE: The MPD24 is HOTNESS/the Axiom is DOPE
Posted by sofuzzman, Wed Feb-28-07 07:06 PM
Thanks for this!!! I have now placed an order for the MPD24!

Cant wait to get my hands on it! Peace & Love -P
23418, good review...
Posted by jomac, Wed Feb-28-07 10:36 PM
i own the Axiom but still want the MPD24.

might have to give in and try to pick one up as well.
23431, aint shit fucking with a korg
Posted by all stah, Thu Mar-01-07 08:22 AM
The XY pads are brilliant( fingerrolling allows you to control your sounds better than knobs or switches)....ultra sensitive pads.

I love my Korg.
23434, ive got the padkontrol..its cool
Posted by RECOR, Thu Mar-01-07 09:18 AM
25586, RE: ive got the padkontrol..its cool
Posted by blackfists, Sun Apr-15-07 12:18 PM
Questions about the Korg.. in comparison with the MPC

The MPC & it has the capability to slave the other instruments (when you press record on the MPC.. it slaves the digital recorder to Record.. or when you are recording keys to a sequence & hit record on the MPC & you press a key on the Keyboard, it starts recording.. More or less this is the BRAIN for the setup.

Can the Korg do that?

Can the Korg pitch samples?

what other capabilities can the Korg do that the MPC can

What are some of the capabilities that the Korg cannot do.. that the MPC does?

Can the Korg import a sample from your DAW use it in a sequence & re-record it back to the program you are working in?

Korg box being a controller, has no internal memory correct?


25593, you mean like connectin it to trigger sounds from another source?
Posted by aroundRobinHoodsbarn, Sun Apr-15-07 03:14 PM
yeah it can do that
25595, it can do most shit dependin on the program ur usin it w
Posted by RECOR, Sun Apr-15-07 04:21 PM
i use it w fruity loops
the biggest difference is it has no internal memory
its basically a piece of plastic w a usb connecting to ur computer
25594, got the mpd24 and..
Posted by Ascension, Sun Apr-15-07 03:46 PM
IMO its got the best pads out of the bunch IMO..so soft..so accurate when your programming..the faders and mmc controls make it feel like a real mpc. And its easy on the eyes too..definately cop it.
25598, padKONTROL
Posted by blackfists, Sun Apr-15-07 05:37 PM
just copped it... this jawn is sweet.. & USB powered! i'm gonna be up all nite with this..

probably one of the best pieces of equipment that I could have ever invested in
25643, RE: padKONTROL
Posted by blackfists, Mon Apr-16-07 02:14 PM
has anyone used this setup with garageband?

if so...how do i configure with garage band so that i can specifically:

1) play drums on a track.. not just the drums that are loaded on my mac.. but samples..

2) trigger samples

the editor librarian makes it easy to load preset scenes, but whenever i load them, i don't get anything changing in the output... I was assuming that the preset scenes were linked to audio, that would give me several different kits, but that is not working.. am I wrong?

is there any manual available that will take me through this process step by step?

all the reviews i read said "it can do this & it can do that".. now that i got it.. i cant do squat...


25813, Can you use the Akia with Fruity Loops??
Posted by ob1 kenobi, Sun Apr-22-07 03:56 PM
anyone done this yet?
25814, RE: Can you use the Akia with Fruity Loops??
Posted by theroot7243, Sun Apr-22-07 04:58 PM
I've had the Akai MPD24 for a while now and it works really well with Ableton Live & FL Studio - using it in Live with BFD is amazing! I think I made the right choice!!
25818, yep..just turn the preset knob to mpc2500
Posted by Ascension, Sun Apr-22-07 10:28 PM
and its already ready to go..which is nice..no having to learn the pads and save the preset crap u had to do w/ the mpd16...its ready out the box..only problem there is is the fact that FL hasnt implemented the MMC control system which is the whole reason you want the MPD24 in the first place.

I use Reason and whats great is the fact that the MPD24's controls work perfect w/ it..the sliders allow you to some great on the fly effects and whatnot right on the machine...same w/ ableton/cubase/guru etc.