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Topic subjectQuestion for all those Reason 3.0 users
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19786, Question for all those Reason 3.0 users
Posted by F_black, Sat Dec-23-06 09:09 PM
is it possible to burn reason files onto a cd and have it playback on a regular cd player or another computer...?

i burned a cd and found out it wont play back unless the reason software is installed (on the computer)
whats up with that?

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19787, ...you do mean the extracted .wav files, right?
Posted by InstruMental, Sat Dec-23-06 09:45 PM
19866, Way to update us.
Posted by InstruMental, Tue Dec-26-06 05:51 PM
19888, lol I hate it when mofos do this
Posted by Nopayne, Wed Dec-27-06 04:22 PM
Or they'll ask a question and you type out an elaborate response, only to receive nary an thank you.

Sometimes it's just easier to snark.

20003, RE: ...you do mean the extracted .wav files, right?
Posted by kyle215, Fri Dec-29-06 05:52 PM
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49626, RE: ...you do mean the extracted .wav files, right?
Posted by F_black, Sat Feb-23-19 08:07 AM
Oh man... iā€™m just seeing this now šŸ˜–.
Yes , I was referring to the .wav file
Sorry for the latest reply of all time šŸ˜‚.

But as an late update, I figured it out:

-Converted to .wav file ,
-Imported into itunes
-Converted to mp3


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19906, It is not possible.
Posted by Yadgyu, Thu Dec-28-06 01:32 AM
You have to use the reason software and burn the songs to a CD.
20694, RE: Question for all those Reason 3.0 users
Posted by ch0colateboywonder, Wed Jan-10-07 12:05 AM
just move the endpoint to the end of your beat and go to file and export the song as an audio file. Then use a program like: Windows Media Player or iTunes to burn em to a CD