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Topic subjectyour view of producers/production is a bit narrow
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19988, your view of producers/production is a bit narrow
Posted by dafriquan, Fri Dec-29-06 12:18 PM
kanye west.
pharell williams.

different personalities. different production process.
not everybody starts out by going to a record store.

while it is true that some producers are socially inept basement dwellers, its up to the producers to make sure that they pick a mix of personalities and styles.

and a big part of the show as mentioned above will take place in the "interactions" not in the solitary beatmaking process. how they interact with the artists they are assigned to. how they take on the various challenges they are faced with such as a remix project. how they deal with incorporating studio musicians.

you guys have to look at the world beyond your laptops.
production in the real world can be really exciting.
and America's Next Top Model owes a lot to the sharp editing.
Without the slick editing, alot of these shows would be a yawn fest.
and everybody wants to be a beatmaker nowadays.

i don't envision this being on FOX or NBC but something this niche could be picked up by MTV2 or HBO. And the production cost of a show like this will be low anyway.