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19915, God No
Posted by redbaron, Thu Dec-28-06 03:03 AM

Your average 'beatmaker' has the personality of cardboard and your average television viewer could not possibly care any less about 'beatmaking'

And imagine the premise for the show...follow some crusty antisocial recluse into a dirty record store owned by other crusty recluses and film said crusty recluses playing and rewinding playing and rewinding records until one is finally found

Then the camera follows crusty recluse beat digger back to his dirty pigsty of a crib for more filming of more detailed button pushing, rewinding, knob turning, and sitting, accompanied by silent awkward pauses which are only interrupted by heavy congested breathing, swallowing, and nonsense mumblings from crusty recluse to himself while he has tuned out the world in his headphones

Finally, the dirty little beat digger plays his shitty half assed beat that only sounds shittier to the viewer, as it is played through a t.v. with crappy speakers, not to mention it was distorted in the original recording...beatmaker nods his head, viewer scratches his, wondering 'why did i just waste 25 minutes of my life watching this shit?'

End Scene