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Topic subjectdo you guys/girls think a reality show about beat makers will take off?
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19467, do you guys/girls think a reality show about beat makers will take off?
Posted by mrforbes, Mon Dec-18-06 08:15 PM
19468, RE: do you guys/girls think a reality show about beat makers will take off?
Posted by poppinrice, Mon Dec-18-06 08:29 PM
would be interesting

think of all the copyright infringements though HAHA

but.. im guessin it would be a licensed company and if you were to be in the show as a beatmaker/contestant then you would have to sample music from its company.....
19471, no
Posted by RECOR, Mon Dec-18-06 09:02 PM
19484, RE: no
Posted by notnac, Tue Dec-19-06 12:15 AM
dude your signature always seems to match your posts, lol
19478, i think it be like all the other
Posted by aroundRobinHoodsbarn, Mon Dec-18-06 10:29 PM
ts good when its there but when its gone its gone

like the first few makin the bads with diddy
19479, RE: i think it be like all the other
Posted by aroundRobinHoodsbarn, Mon Dec-18-06 10:30 PM
it would also start a whole new thing of young kids wanting to make beats
19507, trust me, there's plenty of aspiring beatmakers
Posted by royals101, Tue Dec-19-06 03:41 PM
19481, RE: do you guys/girls think a reality show about beat makers will take off?
Posted by TheCritikalOne, Mon Dec-18-06 11:38 PM
if there was it be about dudes tryna be like jazz pha
19482, shit prolly not, but id be interested in it
Posted by sugababy, Mon Dec-18-06 11:53 PM


any mexicans in the house tonight?
see? they all at work.
mufuckas aint got time for no def jam.

19486, It will if I'm on there!
Posted by Yadgyu, Tue Dec-19-06 12:16 AM
I would be hated for my personality but loved for my beats. That's the way it is.
19488, fccc 'reality' shows.
Posted by dEs, Tue Dec-19-06 01:10 AM
19490, why wouldnt it take off? it would be hilarious on some idol shit...
Posted by mika_muyo, Tue Dec-19-06 02:52 AM
u have some truly talented beat makers up against some wiggidy wacks and the same process of elimination jazz...it's lovely

instead you can poll online b/c i'm sure that's where the major demographic is...

no lie

Not here to make you smile

19503, i picture more like project runway
Posted by daveyg, Tue Dec-19-06 02:14 PM
they meet old school beatsmiths. maybe they each get one track to work with. two days. and then they play it, but instead of it just being a panel, they get a whole bunch of party people in the place, and whatever beat the crowd is moving more to, wins.

they could still bring back that corny dude from project runway, just for comedy sake.
19505, My initial though was that it could be tough to get women to watch
Posted by micMajestic, Tue Dec-19-06 03:24 PM
but this post already has more women in it than i have ever seen in an MTM post, so i could be COMPLETELY wrong about that.


19523, RE: do you guys/girls think a reality show about beat makers will take off?
Posted by Saponi Boy, Tue Dec-19-06 09:36 PM
probably not...most people wouldnt give a shit to watch it...so it'd get cancelled quick
19539, i remember
Posted by moyo, Wed Dec-20-06 08:39 AM
somewhere i saw a battle for beatmakers it was some show or something on the internet they had a coupla dudes playing there beats mpcs laptops whatever it was kinda interesting i guess you would prolly need a real good host host though you could have people
19542, RE:If it was someone who's
Posted by pookjenkins, Wed Dec-20-06 08:50 AM
already been in the game, seen some success and just has that
everyday grind, yes.
19546, RE: do you guys/girls think a reality show about beat makers will take off?
Posted by latif888, Wed Dec-20-06 10:24 AM
somebody's already pitching one to the networks...pairing established producers with up and coming producers in a competition format...

don't know if it is gonna happen tho.
19615, yes it will
Posted by dafriquan, Wed Dec-20-06 11:43 PM
and if nobody does it. i will.
we don't have to wait for networks.
with the internet, you can stream whatever.

downloadable episodes etc.

19618, yes i do
Posted by notnac, Thu Dec-21-06 12:42 AM
but it's gonna need a vocal element imo. So it'd need at least some rappers/singers to judge besides other producers. And it's gonna have to be a variety of styles too. If it's just a bunch artist from the same region or demographic, it could be one of those shows that gets lost on MTV. But you have a variety of styles akin to Project Runway (which has already been mentioned) then it could jump off i think. It'd be real interesting to see each contestants backgrounds and how they got into making music in the first place.
19915, God No
Posted by redbaron, Thu Dec-28-06 03:03 AM

Your average 'beatmaker' has the personality of cardboard and your average television viewer could not possibly care any less about 'beatmaking'

And imagine the premise for the show...follow some crusty antisocial recluse into a dirty record store owned by other crusty recluses and film said crusty recluses playing and rewinding playing and rewinding records until one is finally found

Then the camera follows crusty recluse beat digger back to his dirty pigsty of a crib for more filming of more detailed button pushing, rewinding, knob turning, and sitting, accompanied by silent awkward pauses which are only interrupted by heavy congested breathing, swallowing, and nonsense mumblings from crusty recluse to himself while he has tuned out the world in his headphones

Finally, the dirty little beat digger plays his shitty half assed beat that only sounds shittier to the viewer, as it is played through a t.v. with crappy speakers, not to mention it was distorted in the original recording...beatmaker nods his head, viewer scratches his, wondering 'why did i just waste 25 minutes of my life watching this shit?'

End Scene

19916, lol @ "personality of cardboard"......
Posted by liveguy, Thu Dec-28-06 03:35 AM
that might be true....

...but a show similar to "Making The Band" from the producers vantage point, might be a nice jump off.

You can get into the process, pre to post production.

See how the artists interact with the producer.

How producers interact with other producers and engineers.

See the business side in action (contracts, etc...)

Examine the mandatory hustle...

Hell, I'd watch it....if just for the insight.
19972, ^I have the personality AND the talent.
Posted by Yadgyu, Fri Dec-29-06 02:32 AM
You bums take heed to the Great Yadgyu. When you see me on TV, flashing money and talking crazy, you cheer for me with all of your might. I could make or break a show like that.
19988, your view of producers/production is a bit narrow
Posted by dafriquan, Fri Dec-29-06 12:18 PM
kanye west.
pharell williams.

different personalities. different production process.
not everybody starts out by going to a record store.

while it is true that some producers are socially inept basement dwellers, its up to the producers to make sure that they pick a mix of personalities and styles.

and a big part of the show as mentioned above will take place in the "interactions" not in the solitary beatmaking process. how they interact with the artists they are assigned to. how they take on the various challenges they are faced with such as a remix project. how they deal with incorporating studio musicians.

you guys have to look at the world beyond your laptops.
production in the real world can be really exciting.
and America's Next Top Model owes a lot to the sharp editing.
Without the slick editing, alot of these shows would be a yawn fest.
and everybody wants to be a beatmaker nowadays.

i don't envision this being on FOX or NBC but something this niche could be picked up by MTV2 or HBO. And the production cost of a show like this will be low anyway.
20041, classic shit...
Posted by UrbanCowgRRL, Sat Dec-30-06 03:22 PM
i'm gonna give you an ol' fire


i hadn't laughed that hard in a while...thank you

and for the rest of people that still take themselves to seriously around here....if you could find a tv show to actually air knob turning (eye don't care how great y'alls personalities are)..all editing aside,...GO For it...

youtube is a great tv station too! i think it's even free...you wouldn't have to pay anybody to host your cool "reality" show

much love,

"but why oh why do you feel you need to take over the world when you already rule? " ~ calamity june
19985, Producers are solitary beasts, too much so for something like that
Posted by InstruMental, Fri Dec-29-06 11:19 AM
The popularity of reality TV shows is 10% the premise and 90% the interpersonal interactions.

What drama would happen with a bunch of secluded mofoes getting together once a week on some "oh shit, that's a hot sample!" "man, rework that kick drum tho" "yo, i bet y'all can't guess what this is from" ?

19998, I could steal people's beats and say they are mine for drama's sake.
Posted by Yadgyu, Fri Dec-29-06 03:46 PM
That would get plenty of attention.
20015, That's what I'm sayin--the action would be driven in that case
Posted by InstruMental, Fri Dec-29-06 09:06 PM
by NOT making beats..lol

49579, and then came Rhythm Roulette
Posted by liveguy, Wed May-10-17 05:38 PM