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Topic subjectRE: i somewhat agree...
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7457, RE: i somewhat agree...
Posted by damngirlobserver, Wed Sep-10-03 08:24 AM
>i've been getting tired of him, but i think in some recent
>weeks he's had some really good shows. I actually like his
>interviews a lot, especially with the lead guest, because a
>lot of times you can tell they get pissed off at the way
>conan handles things...he doesn't make it easy for them to
>go through their routine answers...Richard Lewis comes to
>mind, he was really pissed off and it was hilarious because
>i hate that guy.

when dana carvey was on a little bit ago, he did some kind of reverse conan thing and wouldn't let conan say anything...i could not stop laughing

>I'd rather watch Conan alone than have to deal with Paul
>Schaffer or Kevin Eubanks...they are awful. Especially Paul
>Schaffer, he has kept me from watching letterman, he is
>unbearably annoying.

i agree...schaffer is horrible and i don't watch letterman because of him