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Topic subjecti somewhat agree...
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7456, i somewhat agree...
Posted by okaycomputer, Sat Sep-06-03 03:40 AM
i've been getting tired of him, but i think in some recent weeks he's had some really good shows. I actually like his interviews a lot, especially with the lead guest, because a lot of times you can tell they get pissed off at the way conan handles things...he doesn't make it easy for them to go through their routine answers...Richard Lewis comes to mind, he was really pissed off and it was hilarious because i hate that guy.

I'd rather watch Conan alone than have to deal with Paul Schaffer or Kevin Eubanks...they are awful. Especially Paul Schaffer, he has kept me from watching letterman, he is unbearably annoying. Eubanks is a little better, but Leno just isn't funny at all.


eagerly awaiting:

a perfect circle - thirteenth step (Sept. 16)
atmosphere - seven's travels (Sept. 23)
aesop rock - bazooka tooth (Sept. 23)
non-prophets - hope (Oct. 7)