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7440, Be thankful -
Posted by Sight and Sound, Thu Sep-18-03 04:02 PM
>yeah, you should see what you people do to me. having me
>rent swedish movies, the lesson has me on 900 minutes of
>thelonius monk, gd has concerned about stuff i didnt know
>existed, and activist, well, activist, just has me scared.

That not a lot people talk about the Mosaic Records box sets nor the following (Brazilian box sets) -

Nara Leao -- Nara Leao (15 CD)
Baden Powell -- Baden Powell (13 CD)
Vinicius De Moraes -- Como Dizia O Poeta (27 CD)
Chico Buarque -- Construcao (22 CD)
Caetano Veloso -- Todo Caetano (39 CD)