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Topic subjectgirl is at work
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7439, girl is at work
Posted by ricky_BUTLER, Thu Sep-18-03 03:54 PM
>You know, RB, back when I was in college and had a girl's
>number, not sure I'd be hemming and hawing on a message
>board -

she's at work until eleven.

>although virtual message boards didn't exist at that
>point in time, so it's pretty much a moot point...

yeah, you should see what you people do to me. having me rent swedish movies, the lesson has me on 900 minutes of thelonius monk, gd has concerned about stuff i didnt know existed, and activist, well, activist, just has me scared.

>The essays? They'll get done, probably w/ 2 to 3 hours to
>spare if my freshman year experience was any indication...

the boards slow down late. the book and an outline and the wordpad file are all waiting in front of me.

now if i can just put two and two together, have it not been within the realm of a movie reveiw, i'll be safe.