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7435, RE: damn okayplayer.com!
Posted by King_Friday, Thu Sep-18-03 03:38 PM

>since then i watched 8 1/2 for the third time, now no longer
>twelve, concerned with recognizing its greatness, and i just
>see it.

That's a mighty good one.

>i'm gonna give "imitation of life" another chance too.

That's my favorite Sirk movie so far. I also highly recommend his film "Written On The Wind".

>>BIBI ANDERSSON!!!!!! The best ever! This is her best
>>performance too!
>was she your avatar pre-lombard?

yep. it was a picture of her in Bergman's Wild Strawberries. picture supplied by m.

>>There's a Region 1 DVD
>>coming out before long.

no. I wish. MGM apparently. You can't win 'em all.

>no, what i meant was that i believe it was colonelk who said
>a good majority of the versions of bergman's works have been
>chopped down. i was wondering if this was one?

I'd have to look it up.

> when's
>that dvd come out?

I'll have to look it up. I swear I've never been so unprepared for a post before.

>>Yes, and wasn't Bibi Andersson just the best? Boy oh boy.
>>Really the best.
>explain this fascination before i get suspicious about any
>restraining orders.

What's to explain? Bibi Andersson is the best. That's all. Accept no substitutes. When I first saw her in Persona I thought, "well that's it. that's the best." Then I saw her in Wild Strawberries and I thought. "Yep. I was right." Then I saw her in The Kremlin Letter, a very bad movie that came to life only when she was on screen giving her amazing performance (and out-acting both Orson Welles and Max von Sydow at one time if you can believe that! It's true). And don't forget her smaller role in The Seventh Seal either.

She's just my favorite actress. That's all.

> Of course you had people like
>>Bunuel and Cocteau and then later people like Stan Brakhage
>>who were just as "experimental" before that.
>>But it's different.
>were they as experimental from a technical stand point?

Well, Bunuel started in the Silent film era. His first films were made with Salvador Dali. They removed the narrative storyline completely. Followed the "rules" of surrealism as set down by the great writer Andre Breton. Plenty of weirdo juxtapositions.

Cocteau was also a surrealist. His film Blood Of A Poet was similar to those early Bunuel films in a lot of ways, though perhaps not as wild. Lost of bizarre stuff going on there.

Someone like Stan Brakhage was considered an "avant-garde" filmmaker. He did things like scratching words directly on the film strip itself. Painting onto the film. Swinging his camera around rapidly to immitate the movement of the eye. He would superimpose images (sometimes 4 at a time) on top of each other. He made crazy, wonderful films. Like moving paintings.

> i have thirty
>seven essays due

Clearly you need to drop out and devote your life to film criticism.

>and have to dissect five human cadavers.

holy effing jesus. you are a weirdo. are you going to be some kind of weirdo doctor?

>well, not quite, but it's starting to feel that way.

one time in high school I was dissecting a frog. There he was, all laid out and dead and me cutting on his insides. I was poking at his liver with a scalpel and the damn liver shot out of the frog's body and hit my lab partner in the middle his forehead. It was the best thing I ever saw happen.