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Topic subjectRE: Hey there was a time when I wanted to live in Kentu
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7433, RE: Hey there was a time when I wanted to live in Kentu
Posted by King_Friday, Thu Sep-18-03 04:11 PM
>Dukes of Hazard was one of my favorite shows as a kid

You know, a cousin of mine used to live in Hazard, Kentucky. It's true. But that's not really where they shot the show.

Kentucky is awesome though.

You might not believe it, but we totally effing rock.

Muhammad Ali was born here. So was Les McCann. Even D.W. Griffith. We rock.

We have awesome coal mines.

We have Mammoth Cave.

We came up with Bluegrass music.

We got that whole Kentucky Derby thing.

We have a big history in the folk song/labor struggle movement. Folksingers Aunt Molly Jackson and Sarah Ogan Gunnning are from here.

We totally rock shit out in a major way.

What are you waiting for?

Kentucky--it's the place to be.