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Topic subjectRE: what do you win?
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7428, RE: what do you win?
Posted by King_Friday, Thu Sep-18-03 04:31 PM

>umm . . .umm . . .david walsh says that in times like these
>we are all losers . . .especially seabiscuit.

You know I've been to one of the race tracks where that movie was shot. Keenland race track. I bet on a horse there when I was a kid, and I won. It was awesome. I bet on it because it was grey.

Keenland isn't actually as glamorous as it looks though. Mostly it's drunk people eating hot dogs.

>you've tripled your post count in the last two days!

I guess I have. That's because you made a post about Roger Ebert that somehow led to me debating the merits of socialism all day long. It was fun though.