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Topic subjectdamn okayplayer.com!
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7412, damn okayplayer.com!
Posted by ricky_BUTLER, Thu Sep-18-03 03:14 PM
>my list has changed drastically from the time of that post.
>It just isn't fair.

since then i watched 8 1/2 for the third time, now no longer twelve, concerned with recognizing its greatness, and i just see it.

i'm gonna give "imitation of life" another chance too.

>>an hour before dinner, an hour after bibi andersson
>BIBI ANDERSSON!!!!!! The best ever! This is her best
>performance too!

was she your avatar pre-lombard?

>There's a Region 1 DVD
>coming out before long.


>>i was sorta amazed about how
>>sexual and intimate two women were getting on film, but
>>still is there anything else that i missed?
>pervert. "anything else I missed" indeed. No you didn't
>miss nothing.

no, what i meant was that i believe it was colonelk who said a good majority of the versions of bergman's works have been chopped down. i was wondering if this was one?

plus, i woulda liked some "anything else" of course. when's that dvd come out?

>>this was a great, great, great movie, even if i don't have a
>>grasp on much (any) of it.
>Yes, and wasn't Bibi Andersson just the best? Boy oh boy.
>Really the best.

explain this fascination before i get suspicious about any restraining orders.

>>it must have appeared tremendously experimental for mid 60s
>>cinema, right?
>I'd say that's accurate. Of course you had people like
>Bunuel and Cocteau and then later people like Stan Brakhage
>who were just as "experimental" before that.
>But it's different.

were they as experimental from a technical stand point?

> I will tell you this: If you liked
>Persona this much. . . then you MUST watch Bergman's film
>"The Silence". Not as "out there" as Persona, but trust me.
>. . you will love the Silence if you felt this way about
>Persona. Plus, the Silence stars Ingrid Thulin. What are
>you waiting for?

my school has that one and it is on the list.

ingrid thulin-oh boy she's swell.

what am i waiting for? maybe tuesday night. i have thirty seven essays due and have to dissect five human cadavers. well, not quite, but it's starting to feel that way.

damn okayplayer.com! lol