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Topic subjectRE: Persona (1966)
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7411, RE: Persona (1966)
Posted by King_Friday, Thu Sep-18-03 02:52 PM
>alright i get it now.

It's about time.

>this bergman guy was kinda special.

he was okay I guess.

>i know you can't edit
>archived posts, but i have a new entry into my top five.

my list has changed drastically from the time of that post. It just isn't fair.

>now i won't claim to understand every aspect of persona,

welcome to the club. lol.

>an hour before dinner, an hour after bibi andersson

BIBI ANDERSSON!!!!!! The best ever! This is her best performance too!

>does this film take a stance on abortion? it is one of the
>prominent subjects: alma has had an abortion, elisabeth did
>not, although did wish for a "dead child."

I think it comes in to play. Of course it does. But I wouldn't say the film is "about" abortion.

>okay, simply, what does this all mean? what are we all
>supposed to take from this?

That's a good question, Ricky. I mean. . . it's hard to talk about. . . I haven't seen it in years. There's so many details. I need to see it again. There's a Region 1 DVD coming out before long.

But not understanding is part of the fun! Persona is the Rubicks cube of world cinema.

>another image which is framed around beginning and end seems
>to be some sort of a crucifixion, as nails are driven into
>the blood-soaked hands of some being off screen. ummm, wha?


>i was sorta amazed about how
>sexual and intimate two women were getting on film, but
>still is there anything else that i missed?

pervert. "anything else I missed" indeed. No you didn't miss nothing.

>this was a great, great, great movie, even if i don't have a
>grasp on much (any) of it.

Yes, and wasn't Bibi Andersson just the best? Boy oh boy. Really the best.

>it must have appeared tremendously experimental for mid 60s
>cinema, right?

I'd say that's accurate. Of course you had people like Bunuel and Cocteau and then later people like Stan Brakhage who were just as "experimental" before that.

But it's different.

And remember, as with any "experiments". . . the results are the most important thing. It's all about "data".

>any help?

Probably not. But I will tell you this: If you liked Persona this much. . . then you MUST watch Bergman's film "The Silence". Not as "out there" as Persona, but trust me. . . you will love the Silence if you felt this way about Persona. Plus, the Silence stars Ingrid Thulin. What are you waiting for?