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7405, Not so sure -
Posted by Sight and Sound, Fri Sep-19-03 09:36 AM
>Beckinsale, on the other hand, is not exotic at all. Even if
>she were to stick to the stage or try to only do British
>films, there's nothing about her that stands out. She's a
>decent actress, but there's not enough work in British film
>to sustain just a group of indistiguisible actress. If she
>wants to do any kind of substantial work, she needs to "go

I do concur that the British film industry isn't in the best shape presently, but to go back to an earlier reference in Charlotte Rampling - you think Beckinsale would take on a role like "The Night Porter" right now? I think that the platitudes she heaps on about aspiring to great performances will be dictated by the material (of which there's considerably more - not good, however - in Hollywood) - and she hasn't convinced me that she's willing to adhere to what she claims to believe (her selections of roles anyway)...

>Incidentally, I have different expectations for Underworld.
>Not that it's going to be a great movie, but it looks like
>good clean fun. And I think it will be a boost for KB's

Maybe RE - most reviews I've seen are pretty dismissive and I just view it as another entry of entertainment (for which there's a time and place), but definitely nothing more than that... It may embellish her career, but towards roles like the aforementioned "Night Porter," methinks not...