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Posted by Sight and Sound, Fri Sep-19-03 02:10 PM
Here's another name I raised earlier -

Emmanuelle Beart

Who easily could be considered eye candy, has starred in 1 Hollywood vehicle, but continues to choose work such as Ruiz's homage to Proust, "Time Regained"...

You don't ever see Beckinsale's name attached to low profile British productions anymore and whatever you advocate by claimin' that she's seekin' good work by workin' w/ name actors doesn't dispel from the fact that she hasn't been makin' great choices w/ regards to script and looks to be just blowin' hot air about creatin' great art... Now if I was mistaken in believing that she potentially could've been a good actress on the strength of "Cold Comfort Farm" and "Much Ado...," so be it... At this point, she's just mediocre...