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Posted by Sight and Sound, Fri Sep-19-03 09:25 AM
>so what? it's still a chance to be the star, kick ass, look
>cool etc.

But the manner in which you phrased it made it seem that b/c Wiseman is her fiance that it would've been incumbent upon her to take the role whereas there was NO involvement whatsoever prior to shooting...

>which is exactly my point.

B/c you're not bein' offered A-list roles nor anything as interesting as McDormand (in this instance)...

>but they've also both been in way more movies that have
>higher aspirations than just your run of the mill mutliplex

I'm not disputing their talent - they've also been in stinkers nevertheless...

>i love how you convienently igonred those other names.
>Scorsese and DiCaprio. i'm not saying that this movie is
>gonna be Goodfellas, but it's clear that it won't be Varsity
>Blues either.

I ignored them simply b/c of this - DiCaprio I think has talent, but he's coasting these days - his name alone won't suffice in drawing me to see a film - same for Scorsese - he's better off as a film historian at this juncture of his career as evident w/ his exploration of Italian and American cinema... They're at this point - *whatever* - I gave 'em a pass b/c of what what they had accomplished 5 years prior, not now...