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Topic subjectRE: they all blow him out of the water
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7369, RE: they all blow him out of the water
Posted by jigga, Fri Sep-19-03 09:56 AM
>Keanu isn't great, but hes been in a few good movies.

Been in a few good movies but has he been good in them? Other than I Love U 2 Death, I'd say no.

>has been in some good stuff, certainly not lately though.

True dat. He was aiiight in Boiler Room & Savin Private Ryan but other than that...BLAH

>hartnett was alright in black hawk down, he might just be
>chosing shitty roles.

I thought he was horribly miscast in Black Hawk Down. He was decent in the shiddy Pearl Harbor but Black Hawk Down proved 2 me that he's a hack.

Okay Freddie prinze Jr is in Paul
>Walkers league.

Glad 2 see there was no argument there:)