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Topic subjectRE: Let's Reload The Whole Matrix trilogy
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5704, RE: Let's Reload The Whole Matrix trilogy
Posted by Mau777, Sun Nov-09-03 04:34 AM
'The Matrix'

Directed by - Tsui Hark
Co-Writer - Spike Jonze and Saul Williams (i said let's have fun)


Neo -
Trinity - That breezy from T3...WHOA!
Morpheus - Same (He was excellent in the first one, 2 & 3 seriously destroyed his Obi-Wan/Yoda/Mr. Myagi status)
Agent Smith - Same (He was classic throughout. No matter what roles he gets from now on, "Mr. Anderson" will forever be associated with dude.)
Oracle - Same
Seriph - Jet Li
Architech - Christopher Walken
Merov - Same
Persiphone - Iman (Monica is crazy overrated to me)
Niobe - Same
Everyone else...who cares.

With, new dialogue no major changes to the first one except, the main characters in the movie (Neo,Morp,Trin) are damn near just as powerful as the Agents. Fuck that runnin' shit. I also thought that, if they new they were not in the real world, then they should of the mindstate of knowing that they are not (really) being hurt at all. In the training program Morpheus says to Neo, "You think that's air you're breathing", but that mentality of 'none of this is real', never sticks when they enter the matrix. He says "your mind makes it real", but they never change their minds to make it unreal. If that mentality was apart of the characters make up, ever fight scene would be either, completely off the hook or not taking place at all. Morpheus vs. Smith should've been much tighter than it was.

'Matrix Reloaded'

I'm feeling, whoever said the theme should be about freeing minds. Smith is gone, going down forever as one of the classic villians. Introduce a new villian upgrade, "Agent Jones" (Maggie Cheung). With Maggie Cheung being added and Jet Li as Seraph being introduced in this one, the fight scenes take on a whole 'nother level. Far less need for CGI and more true kung fu, the way it's supposed to look. When CGI is used, it's really on some DBZ shit, not just dodging bullets.
The minds will get freed, through a variety of ways, but each has a unique ability, that they can also manifest in the "real world". This would make Zion a truly magical city, full of enlightened and dope muthafuckaz all who had mastered the matrix and are now re-mastering in the real world what they mastered in the matrix. When a certain number of Zionites, say 250,000, have attained a good degree of mastery of their real world abilities, they would have enough power to emerge from underground and take back the planet. There are no suckaz in zion, like that wimpy lil kid character, and definitely no fuckin' hippie attire. (I also thought it was funny how white and clean the control room and the operators were and how shitty the rest of zion was).....

I gotta go more to come.