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Topic subjectKeanu was okay. but I would have made Neo a
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5700, Keanu was okay. but I would have made Neo a
Posted by PhiladelphiaBlues, Sat Nov-08-03 09:04 PM
black dude.

I would have put in a lot more things that people can relate to (Irony worked so well in the original, what happened?).

and I would do a prequel...based on the things left out of the series so far...

it wouldn’t be titled “the matrix” just “The Beginning”

It’d do what they tried to do (or only partly did) with the Animatrix...

“The Matrix (Revolutions)” would have been more about trying to find Neo and get him out of the Matrix too...much more fighting scenes and we'd see more of those twins (from reloaded).

maybe the worst thing about Revolutions was that the supporting characters had as much if not more screen time the main players of the previous 2 films...this was jacked up. almost as if we had to get used to a whole new cast of characters...