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Topic subjectRE: Let's Reload The Whole Matrix trilogy
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5694, RE: Let's Reload The Whole Matrix trilogy
Posted by FuriousFreddy, Sat Nov-08-03 06:24 PM
>Directors = Ridley Scott, guy did blade runner. nuff said.
>OR Alex Proyas.
>Writer = Scott Frank, he wrote Minority Report. And he wrote
>Get Shorty and Out of Sight, he can write dialogue.
>As far as cast keep neo, trinity, morpheus, the oracle and

Tank woulda been kept if Marcus Chong hadn't've demanded so much money to come back for the sequels...
Drop Smith, he died in the first one,

but that's the point; Smith didn't die...he was a rogue program that couldn't ve deleted and the balance to the equation of the One's presence in the Matrix

No "upgrades" bullshit. No new human characters, no "old
>programs" that dont fit with the first one. Just new
>villains that arent shitty looking fruitcakes with white
>As far as story, Neo has to wake people up. Like was
>promised at the end of the first. No overblown lame fight
>scenes where there is no sense of danger. The people in Zion
>should have some personality, not just a generic mass of
>hippies in burlap.

What you want is what I want: mid-quels. Stories about what went on between the Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded (mind you, that's six whole months of stories/ events/ plot development that could be explored. Enough for at least two or three seasons of a TV show/anime, a few years worth of a comic book series, a series of novels, something!). You could see Neo waking up people, NEo honing his skills as the one, Neo and Trinity becoming closer, how Tank dies and how and why his brother-in-law Link replaces him, Get introduced to Niobe a little bit better, exlpore the rivalries between the Oracle/ Architect/ Merovigian (that means more Monica, folks...or at least a reasonable facsimile)...all kinds of angles you could appproach it from...