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Topic subjectIf done from scratch
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5690, If done from scratch
Posted by BigReg, Sat Nov-08-03 04:19 PM
Director-David Fincher
Writer- Darrern Aronofsky

However, the quick Reggie Re-edit a la the infamous starwars Phantom Edit: Keep Matrix as is, combine Reloaded/Revolutions.


Cut out Zion out into a five minute introduction. Basically no rave, no long speeches, no Trinity/Neo heart to hearts. No meeting in the Matrix where he meets the new Agents.

Fastfoward to him meeting the Oracle and Seraph. Imho, only perfect segment in the whole film. This should take place within the first fifteen minutes of the movie.

Cut the Burly Brawl in half(till he picks up the stopsign, thats when the playstation graphics REALLY get out of hand). Leaving this in strictly for the action junkies, and to set up the big Agent Smith Fight in the end.

Keep the Merovingian scene, it was entertaining.

Cut the Highwayscene in half(no Neo fighting those dudes at the entrance of the mansion, strictly the car chase and thats cause thats the last time your gonna really see Morpheus).

Get to the Architect. Cut his speech in half, should still be confusing, but the only real important revelation he should give is about the past neo's. Also, no extra bullshit about the building exploding, him saving Trinity in the end, etc. Basically keep the bare minimum to keep the Keymaker character in the script(thus, keeping the highway scene important), and make it so that the Architect is the big plottwist in the middle of the movie

Ending stays the same, he jacks out of the Matrix, they get under attack, he passes out.

ALSO: Note no mention of agent Smith crossing over to the real world. I actually liked that part in the series, but as usual its another unanswered question, and too much of a side story to handle in this streamlined version. Also, alot of side story's will be cut out, including the dude from OZ. Only side story in Zion id keep the kid's story, because i thought his scenes were important in Revolutions in showcasing the war.


Keep the Neo scenes in the train limbo, keep the fighting scenes with seraph(cut most of the second Merovingian scene since it was basically his same lines repeated from Reloaded, also possibly add a longer fight scene to the one actually inside the club since its going to be the last real wire-cgi-fu fight before the dragonball Z esque ending).

Neo wakes up, and grabs the ship for the machine city. From this point on the movies going to be basically two major plotlines, jumping between them. Neo travelling to the Machine City, a MUCH quicker death scene from Trinity, and the final dragonball Z fight. This is interspersed with the final human fight, so while Neo's flying to the Machine City, they are preparing. When Neo's fighting Smith, your suppose to get the impression that the war in Zion is happening at the same time.

The ending id leave the same.

Less Zion Bullshit.

You get four major fight scenes(streamlined Burly Brawl, streamlined Highway Chase, Longer S&M Club fight, Same Superman final fight).

You get your plottwist, in a smaller, leaner Architect scene.

Pacing would be fine.

It wouldn't be great, character development would take a major hit(however, its not like the sequels had ANY character development whatsoever). But whats left is one lean mean action movie machine.