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5679, yes you can
Posted by ricky_BUTLER, Mon Nov-10-03 09:14 PM
>And art films aren't black balled, they wouldnt make them
>period if they didn't want to, the studios just know that
>their audience is more limited. You cant blame Hollywood for
>a public interested in spectacle over substance can you?

in a twisted way, i think you have to.

i don't mean for the studios to start making big promotional campaigns to bolster the audiences at showings for The Magdalene Sisters. but there are some "smart" and "content-heavy" films, like Lost in Translation or Mystic River that could potentially draw in a big audience. everything doesn't have to blow up and lead to the cover of People Magazine rescuing and kissing the cover of US Weekly. if we start weaning generations on plot and dynamic characters and realistic emotional content, by showing and promoting such films, then gradually the audience demand will shift accordingly.

so i guess i'm contending that the public has been deadened in someway and Hollyw**d needs to take partial responsibilty for yelling the loudest about the films with the least amount of substance. these films ultimately help create sedated hordes of movie-goers.