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Posted by King_Friday, Mon Nov-10-03 08:54 PM
>do studios just start giving anyone who thinks their a
>genius millions of dollars on the spot?

No, I wouldn't expect the studios to be especially helpful there.

>And is it that there are no artistic directors making films,
>or is it that you just don't like what they have to say?

My point is that they don't have *anything* to say.

>because I'm certain people on this site (including myself)
>could give you a fairly large list of innovative
>contemporary american directors.

And I'm certain I would disagree with most of them and you. That's okay. You already know that you and I disagree on a lot of these filmmakers. We have different things we like and different definitions of the word "artist".

I think Kiarostami is great. You don't. So what? "That's the fun of the game". I have to give my own opinion.

And by my own definitions and feelings, I think the strongest filmmakers in the world today are *not* coming from the U.S.