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Topic subjectRE: i never read modern books
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54876, RE: i never read modern books
Posted by The Damaja, Tue Oct-11-05 12:02 PM
>like i said, im the same way...lol but i dont read childrens
>books. i have to say, now that i think about it, ive done a
>bit...i used to read some elmore leonard, some moseley...and i
>guess morrison's cool..but u know..i dunnno..i like don
>delillo *sp*...im talkin some real lyrical type cats on some
>real stylish prose thing...thats just the sort of thing im a
>fan of and cant imagine too many cats doing these days.

i'm about to read Libra. sounds good

see my problem is... i've got no idea WHAT cats are doing these days. if i read all the new stuff, i wouldn't have time to read the old stuff

>>except for a few children's books, i don't think i've read
>>any novels published during my lifetime
>u bullshittin.

no seriously... a few more maybe. Batman Forever: The Book (lol)... maybe some that I did when I was at school though they also would tend to be old

>>there's like 5 centuries of writing to catch up on first!
>agreed. i got madd stuff i need to read..madame bovary and
>some other stuff i cant think of right now. but yeah im sure
>something like that is more urgently necessary to read than
>say the latest grisham novel...

yep... it sort of boggles my mind that we even have these threads. i couldn't begin to put together a "top ten current novelists"... i'm surprised that from the thousands of new books to choose from, anyone's EVER read the same one as someone else