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Topic subjectI'm re-reading The Corrections right now
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54839, I'm re-reading The Corrections right now
Posted by johnny_domino, Mon Oct-10-05 11:43 PM
so I would definitely put Jonathan Franzen on the list

Also, David Mitchell, for Cloud Atlas alone.

And Edward P. Jones, for The Known World.

And Jeffrey Eugenides, for Middlesex.

And Haruki Murakami, for Sputnik Sweetheart and Norwegian Wood (dunno if those are post-2000, but they're the best I've read from him so far, and Kafka on the Shore, his latest, was kind of disappointing).

Zadie Smith for White Teeth.

Paul Beatty for The White Boy Shuffle and Tuff.

That's all I can really think of at the moment, but there's 7 at least.