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Topic subjectRE: hustle & flow is a blaxploitation flick, nothing more
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49301, RE: hustle & flow is a blaxploitation flick, nothing more
Posted by Calico, Sun May-07-06 06:07 PM
>>in NO way, shape or form does the film imply that it's a
>>reflection of the black experience...in fact, peolpe need to
>>stop thinking that every movie that stars black folks is
>>supposed to represent the race itself, or has any notions of
>>doin such...motherfuckers don't watch MI3 or RV and think
>>"well that's how white people live"
>that's bullshit. the writer himself said he was trying to
>portray black life in its true form, so you're waaaay off base
>on this one. and while i don't expect every flick that has
>black people in it to represent the race, i don't expect every
>black flick to be a motion picture stereotype either. it
>could be me, but that' the way i roll.

the film only really delved into the lives of two black households...one was a pimp's and the other was a guy wanting to help a pimp out....i didn't think brewer would actually try to say these two household's represented anything involved wit "black life"...it surely didn't come across that way on screen to..but hey i didn't know that was his intention...but name these films, black or white, that don't have stereotypes?? i'm not saying it's a good thing, but i AM saying it's a commom practice that many movies are about the same old shit...

>>you reachin....it's about a dude wit a dream and how that
>>dream affects him and the people around him...THAT'S NOT
>>SUPPOSED TO BE DEEP....niggas goin to see H&F and expectin
>>see Roots are some non comprehensive folks...and what movies
>>do ANYTHING to detract from the hollywood game??
>don't even try to insult my intelligence with the roots line.
>that pretty much lets me know where your head is at. and what
>the fuck are you talking about? are you insinuating that
>EVERY flick ever made plays into the hollywood game? how many
>movies have you actually seen? obviously not many to come
>with that line...
so...you have no respone to THE FACT that movies FROM hollywood of course end up playin to hollywood game..you'd rather throw insults...ok..

>every once
>>and a while a few ar made, but the key is FEW...where do see
>>"stepin' fetchit" ?? niggas grow up watching fuckin knight
>>rider and act like they were watching amos n andy...go sit
>>down....and i HOPE you're not sayin that films like Menace
>>Boyz are better cause they were made by black guys and
>>therefore better represent "the experience"...if so...i'm
>>sorry your brain works like that...and most hollywood is
>>on one strereotype or another, so you might wanna recognize
>>game before pointin fingers
>uh-oh, do i sense contradiction? figures...and where the fuck
>does the nightrider/amos-n-andy comparison come from? did you
>have tv when you were kid? and sense you're talking it there,
>both "menace and boyz" were more fully developed hood flicks.
>and the black writing played a large part in that. lol at you
>for defending some what cat who made caricatures out of black
>people. like i said, i know where you head is at on this
>one...and you're telling me i might wanna recognize game?
"more fully developed hood flicks"...is that an oxymoron?? still throwin insults...no real anwers...are you sayin gthat many of the characters in those other hood movies made by black folks AREN'T caricatures?? your ruining your own points homie...

>>i hear you on this part, there should be more choices, but
>>studios don't think stuff like "eve's" will make money and
>>only an good indie film will ever prove them wrong...
>that too is bullshit. black flicks that go beyond the hood or
>the i'm-the-too-rich-negro joints don't get the love because
>the brass in hollywood don't feel that it relates to the
>reality of black life, nothing more. granted, we have a long
>way to go in cinema, but we've been down this road before with
>flicks in the tradition of "eve's bayou"...and they were all
>pretty damn successful at the box office.

i musta missed something, cause all i know is at the end of the day hollywood wants to make money...if they think they can make loot from stuff like "eve's" (i NEVER heard it making alotta money at the box office, but..whatever) they would make it...it's not THAT serious...if they didn't wanna make serious black movies at all they wouldn't let the biopics thru the gate, cause they are the most serious black realted thing hollywood works wit...biopics bring in alotta money, and the ones about black folks will course involve "the black experience", so i'm not understanding why you think hollywood even cares about "black life"..they simply don't think more serious, non biopic movies will make money..and they are wrong...