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Topic subjecthustle & flow is a blaxploitation flick, nothing more
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49298, hustle & flow is a blaxploitation flick, nothing more
Posted by jahlove7, Fri May-05-06 11:14 PM
some of you are being hoodwinked and don't even realize it. i agree with the writer. imo, she's not coming off as some uppity negroe, but as someone that understands the game hollywood plays with creating films about us that are nothing more than stereotypes and caricatures that are supposed to reflect 90% of the black experience. "h&f" does NOTHING to detract from that game hollywood plays. the writer is white, the characters lack any kind of depth or development, it's simple modern day stepin' fetchit cinema, dirty south style. "hustle.." was made to appease the black crowd that gets off on emotions and not intelligence while schooling the white audience about the "authentic" black experience in the hood. that's bullshit, but most of you cats buy into it, not understanding that MOST of our cinema is based on stereotypes. the difference with this flick is that it was done at a slower pace, which gives it a different feel and makes the audience think they're seeing something that they actually aren't.

these days, i cringe at my black movie choices. it's either the anti-stereotype, "deliver us from eva" flicks, or bullshit movies like this one. it never ceases to amaze me how we can't see more films of substance like "eve's bayou". and before most people say a flick like "eve's..." wouldn't do well at the box office, how do you really know if it's never even given a chance?