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Topic subjectHer hyperbolic premise renders her entire argument useless
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49293, Her hyperbolic premise renders her entire argument useless
Posted by Basaglia, Fri May-05-06 08:07 PM
<< “black enough” still means blackness approved by a predominantly white mainstream culture.>>

absolutely false. in fact, it's a fucking stupid statement. degrees of blackness are judged by the black community. destiny child don't want a "soldier" because that's what they're reading in cosmo and allure. fuck outta here. blacks follow blacks. whites follow blacks following blacks. that's american pop-culture. always has been.

<<like My Big Fat Greek Wedding,>>

and this is the problem i have with fuckin uppity boho hankyhead santimonious fuckin negroes. every fuckin ethnicity can indulge and celebrate their fucking stereotype except "NIGGERS"!!! i'm fucking sick of this shit. i think it's fuckin beautiful how niggas curse and laugh and bullshit amongst themselves. there's nothing better than seeing a white person take in the sight of black family being "BLACK!!!" and having the dumb ass look of wonder, like the life they're living is fucking BORING. yeah, isn't it great how italians and greeks and jews can be loud and crass and fuck and people call it "enjoying life" but when niggas do it it's an unpardonable sin? it's disgusting and i wish black folk would stop apologizing.

fuck her.

and before someone throws about a pathetic ass red herring about me endorsing niggas shooting each other and kids fuckin up in school as black culture, go blow yourself.