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Topic subjectit's very much a matter of access
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49292, it's very much a matter of access
Posted by Zesi, Fri May-05-06 07:11 PM
i think
the definitive opinion on hustle and flow
will be 5 to 10 years from now

like how we now realize what a shit film titanic was
maybe hustle and flow is good
maybe it isnt

what it definitely isn't at this very moment is The Definitive Black Experience (tm).

and when you make a picture like this, you've got to be ready for some backlash.

because we aren't well represented in film.
what were the other "black" films of last year?
hell, what black films are there this year (oh, akeelah and the bee. um. well, even though the year is practically half over, maybe we'll get another!) of course i could be missing some films. i'm sure you'll let me know what i missed.

oh madea, and that preaching movie.
i'm tingling from my fine cinematic options.

and because we aren't well represented and white people generally don't care to know the onion layers of the black experience, there are some really foolish people making judgements on you and me from that movie. and that pisses me off.