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Posted by bignick, Fri May-05-06 04:09 AM
>1. She is ashamed of this film. (You shouldn't have told me
>that she is married to a white man) It might not be fair to
>say, but I would guess she is ashamed of black people who live
>like this. You know the thought of watching this with her
>husband makes her skin crawl.

you're making 3 huge leaps about her as a person based on nothing more than her dislike of one movie. i don't think i have to say any more about that.

>3. As annoyed as this critic is with H&F, I am annoyed by the
>slew of The Best Man's Love Jones for Brown Sugar in the Wood.
>The critic is right that most critics are incapable of
>reviewing black movies, but I feel that it is too often the
>case that they give passes to these shallow black romantic
>comedies where every one is beautiful and has great jobs, by
>saying at least it give "refreshing images" of black people.

i couldn't agree more. my wife and i call those "anti-stereotype stereotypes." and those movies actually annoy me more because it allows white people to feel they're off the hook.

>It was refreshing the first time out, by "Two Can Play That
>Game" had me jonesing for a movie about a memphis pimp instead
>of another black romantic comedy featuring Morris Chestnutt.

where that logic breaks down is that we've seen WAAAAAY more black pimps at the movies than we have black romantic comedies.

>4. I personally hate when criticism is driven by moral
>imperatives especially at the sacrifice of realism. I think
>sense of morality is threatening to being a good critic.

see, i think that a lot of people really dislike or disagree with her as a critic, and then make unfair judgements on her as a person. it's like peole automatically discount the option that maybe she just thought it was an awful movie and immediately label her some self-hating sellout.

for the record, i didn't see it. it just didn't look interesting to me.