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49284, My Thoughts
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Mon Sep-12-05 10:19 AM
1. She is ashamed of this film. (You shouldn't have told me that she is married to a white man) It might not be fair to say, but I would guess she is ashamed of black people who live like this. You know the thought of watching this with her husband makes her skin crawl.

2. Her critic relies on oversimplification/reductionism. Anthony Anderson's character is not a hen pecked sellout. His wife's character was not a shrill, hysterical nag. She was right to be upset with her husband hanging with pimps n' hoes and the movie did not portray her unfavorably.

3. As annoyed as this critic is with H&F, I am annoyed by the slew of The Best Man's Love Jones for Brown Sugar in the Wood. The critic is right that most critics are incapable of reviewing black movies, but I feel that it is too often the case that they give passes to these shallow black romantic comedies where every one is beautiful and has great jobs, by saying at least it give "refreshing images" of black people. It was refreshing the first time out, by "Two Can Play That Game" had me jonesing for a movie about a memphis pimp instead of another black romantic comedy featuring Morris Chestnutt.

4. I personally hate when criticism is driven by moral imperatives especially at the sacrifice of realism. The truth is, there will probably be a slew of poorly made films about pimps and hoes and I will hate them like this critic. However, her sense of morality does not permit her to like any film about pimps and hoes that is not a morality tale. I think sense of morality is threatening to being a good critic.


Reality check: according to the 2000 census, there were more than 31,000 black physicians and surgeons, 33,000 black lawyers. There are about 1,400 black athletes playing professional basketball, football and baseball combined.