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Topic subjecti mean, this statement exposes the writers huge bias...
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49277, i mean, this statement exposes the writers huge bias...
Posted by Torez, Sat Sep-10-05 08:56 PM
>>Elise Neal (as Key’s wife, Yevette) has easily the most thankless role — a soulless, sexless, screechy, head-swiveling sista-girl with perfect hair and nails who initially opposes her husband’s hanging out with a pimp and his whores — how unreasonable — but who finally stops denying her own blackness and realizes that she, too, can share in the dream of “Whoop That Trick.”<<<<

her reluctance never related to her blackness to me at all. it was the natural skepticism any wife would have to her husband hanging out in a houser full of hoes.

the writer has a complex, that's got him carrying glocks and tecks (c) chino xl
“The spirituality of which I speak in principle, I have never attained to.” (c) wesley