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Posted by bignick, Sun May-07-06 10:59 PM
>I felt immediately charged with changing people’s minds; DJay
>and his crew were as far from my own daily life as possible,
>but that was still, unquestionably, supposed to be me up there
>on the screen
>do you agree with these feelings she's expressing here?

not exactly. but i understand the sentiment. there are so few representations of black people on the big screen, i don't think it's illogical to feel a twinge when something that you feel is a negative stereotype gets that much pub.

>because this is the kind of mentality that i don't get from
>black folk like her. that movie was about a low-level memphis
>pimp who was disgusting with himself and his surroundings and
>finally decided to do aomething about it. now, what does he
>have to do with some hankyhead sista in cali?

i can't speak for her, but i know there are a lot of people who feel like stories about black folks dealing drugs, pimping, rapping, etc have been done to death.

>non-blacks know better.

having spent a fair amount of my life in fly-over country...you're giving white people way too much credit.