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Topic subjectRE: it wasn't FOR "black america"...it was for america...WE are america
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49263, RE: it wasn't FOR "black america"...it was for america...WE are america
Posted by bignick, Sat May-06-06 05:36 PM

>and why are you soooo fuckin afraid of a country ass bamma
>nigga with a damn perm misrepresenting who you are to white

i'm not afaid of some character in a movie misrepresenting me and i never suggested anything to that effect. in fact, i'm not AFRAID of anything to do with the movie. i'm just sick of seeing the same lame ass cliches being trotted out over and over again.

>this is where me and nigga like you differ. i give
>white folks the benefit of the doubt to KNOW BETTER.

i don't expect white people or anyone to think less of me because of Hustle & Flow. what people like you refuse to except is that there are black people out there who JUST DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT SHIT.

>and this is why hankyheads like kaplan need to go see and
>write about movies like akeelah and the bee and let white
>folks know that movies like those are interesting to talk
>about as well.

she's not a movie critic so she's not going to be writing about that many movies anyway. but she's written a ton of pieces that relate to the "black experience." so, if that's your concern, she's doing her part.

>conversely, just because a movie has black faces on the screen
>doesn't mean it has to speak FOR all black people.

agreed. and she never said that Hustle & Flow had to speak for all black people. all she did was write an essay expressing her misgivings about the movie.