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49259, RE: eh, i know people like djay
Posted by bignick, Sat Sep-10-05 12:16 PM
>these stories dont have to be telling the stories of the
>MASSES, right?
>just one person's story

she never said anything to the contrary. the problem is that Hollywood continues to produce movies for and about black America that present a one dimensional, sometimes cartoonish view of who we are. isn't it odd that with all the inspirational stories that one could tell about a black man from the inner city, white people latched on to the one the one that has a black man being a misogynist and a criminal...again.

>all these movies
>diary of a mad black woman
>hustle & flow
>they speak to someone

sure they do, but that doesn't mean that she has to like them. just because a movie has black faces on the screen doesn't mean that they have to speak to all black people.