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Topic subjectRE: That wasn't criticism.....
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49241, RE: That wasn't criticism.....
Posted by bignick, Fri Sep-09-05 09:43 PM
>she sounded like Craig Brewer and John Singleton pissed in
>her Cheerios or somethin,

not to me. she just sounded like someone who didn't like the movie.

?if she didn't like the flick, she
>didn't like it, but don't act like every black movie has to
>represent every black person in America.

she didn't say that, and she wasn't acting like that. what she was complaining about--and she stated this clearly--was the belief that movies like Hustle & Flow are somehow "real" when they don't represent anything like the lives of a lot of black people.

>It was like she got
>personally offended that they would portray black folks like
>that when in reality there are people who are living just like
>the characters in Hustle and Flow......

disagree. she didn't seem personally offened. she seemed like an adult with valid criticisms of a film.